It’s Here…

It’s live, people! KnightWatch Press released Play Things & Past Times, an anthology featuring my short horror story GAUGING THE DARK! Go get yourself a copy. All the cool kids are doing it!


UPDATE: My short horror story GAUGING THE DARK will appear in the Play Things & Past Times anthology, published by KnightWatch Press. There have been some delays, but it’s looking like a November release!

Also…my short psychological horror story QUIETUS will appear in the November issue of Girls Rock Horror Harder, published by Von Stark Publishing, LLC!

Last…My short psychological horror story A MIND’S UNDOING will appear in Eye of Fear, an anthology featuring short stories inspired by the most terrifying phobias. (More information to come!)

News & Updates!

Just signed the contract with KnightWatch Press! The new tentative release date for the PLAY THINGS AND PAST TIMES anthology is October!

As a side note: I’m realizing that writing a trilogy means outlining 3 novels at once. What a challenge, but I’m absolutely loving it! And as promised, here’s the name of the series and the title of book one…

Sisters of Alchemy, Book One: The White Book