Boston, We Stand with You.

Boston Skyline

Boston Skyline (Photo credit: brentdanley)

I want to take a minute out of my day to discuss something other than writing. We’re all aware of the tragic events that took place at the Boston Marathon yesterday. The images are plastered all over the news, the internet is buzzing with photos and information, and each of us if left in that all too familiar daze that seeing terror strike our country leaves in its wake. Events like this happen every day, all around the world, and while my heart feels heavy regardless of the victim’s age, gender, or location, something strikes deep when our own brothers and sisters fall victim to such atrocities.

My heart and my prayers go out to all the victims, living and departed, and the families of those victims. Our minds can’t conceive what you’re going through, and until someone walks through your nightmare, there’s really no putting into words what has been done to you, the peace that has been stripped from you, and the physical and emotional scars you’ve sustained. But I know one thing about the people of Boston: you’re a very strong, fierce people. You don’t give up easily, and you’ll fight till the bitter end, if need arrises. You’ll make it through this. You’ll stand as mighty as ever. And your spirit will remain unbridled and unscathed by the destruction of one weak, cowardice monster .

Your fellow Americans are praying for you, hoping for you, and we’re there in spirit, lending a shoulder to lean on. You’re not alone, and you never will you be.

God bless you, Boston.


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