Time to Give a Little Shout-Out.

English: CMOS 16 cover image.

English: CMOS 16 cover image. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re like me, you’ve read more books on writing and grammar than you can shake a stick at. While I adore my books, and I’ve yet to read a single one that hasn’t left me with at least one useful tidbit, I have found myself frustrated by the number of books I’ve had to accumulate to get a well-rounded source of information. And that’s not considering the internet and all it has to offer—of which I am a fan. But still, that’s a whole lot of books on my shelves and a whole lot of bookmarked pages in my computer, so I was left asking the question: where can I find a one-stop-shop book for writers?

After much research, I think I’ve found my absolute favorite book. It’s not exciting—unless you’re like me and eat up grammar like a starved, rabid beast—but it offers a wealth of knowledge and is simplistic enough for most readers.  Do be aware that this isn’t an instructional book on outlining,  plotting, character building, etc.  It’s a hefty manual for all those who work with words, and if you’ve ever found yourself debating the rules of grammar, this will finalize any questions you have.

It’s the Chicago Manual of Style: sixteenth edition.


If you’re looking for personal, one-on-one instruction, look elsewhere. But if you’re in need of a book that covers nearly every aspect of writing, look no further. Also, I’m not affiliated with this book in any way. I’m just a fan and happier writer because of it.

© 2013 Sloane Kady


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