A Nod to You, Influenza.

Standard TEM version

Standard TEM version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was meant to be a productive day. You know, lot’s of writing and just generally being amazing, until I read back what I write and realize I’m merely human, and that my writing’s capable of…well…sucking. But none of that happened. It was far more awesome than that!

Today was dedicated to being sick and having the kind of lower back pain that could take down a Rhino. Everyone in our house is sick: husband, kids. . .hell, if we had a dog it would’ve come down with an aggressive case of explosive bowels, I just know it. Luckily there’s no dog, though, and no explosive bowels—as of yet—but there’s always time for that to kick in. And why not invite all of Influenza’s friends to the party? For now, there’s lots of sniffling, nose blowing, coughing, and even puking. Our floor looks like a Kleenex minefield. Kleenex versus snot: the snot won; heavyweight contender of the world!

On the happy end of the flu-stick, I had time to lounge around and watch a little boob-tube. Even watched a bit of Hollywood gold. You know, the Blockbuster hits that require you throw out your ability to reason and use logic. No tapping into the ol’ grey matter today. Nope-nope-nope. I guess it’s all well and good, because I’d hate to see the drivel I would have produced while under the influence of SICK.

Here’s to wishing my fellow writers a productive day. As for me, I’ve got an episode of The Walking Dead to watch. Talk about life depicting art. If the producers need some extras, my family is ready to go. Green and pasty—no makeup required.

© 2013 Sloane Kady


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